Relationship Difficulties

A breakdown of a relationship can be a shattering experience for anyone, let alone someone dealing with gender dysphoria and facing potentially life-changing decisions.

One of the biggest predictors of a positive outcome following gender transition is psychological and social stability and so the effects on the future of personal and family relationships must be explored from the outset.

Unfortunately, the fear of relationships breaking down can delay or even prevent individuals from seeking professional help about their gender issues. This is a great shame as specialist gender services actively promote the view that they wish to see people as early as possible in order to offer support regarding gender change and the associated relationship difficulties.

For many people, the biggest challenge when seeking advice about gender change is how to manage existing relationships, particularly when in a long-term relationship or marriage. Family and children Single transsexuals looking for rel Advice for families and partners

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Have you experienced relationship problems associated with gender issues? Were you able to work through it together or did you go your separate ways? Please share your experiences and advice for others in our Blog.

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